Meet the Traditional Finnhorses

lumoudu suomenhevosten luonteesta
ratsastusretket kaikenkokoisille
tutustu hevosten maailmaan
iloiset irtiotot arjesta
ikimuistoiset hevosohjelmat
retket sekä aloittelijoille että kokeneemmille
mukavia muistoja
ajatonta yhdessäoloa ja iloa
ihastu pieneen venniponiin
rauhaa ja rentoutumista
voimaannuttavat maastoreissut
yksilölliset tunnit, kurssit ja valmennukset pienryhmissä

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Riding services


Riding in country paths

You can go horseback riding with assistance at the Ronivaaras variable country paths, forests, hills and fields.  Peaceful finnhorses will lead riders to quiet forest. In the country paths you can hear stories about traditional finnhorses and living in a countryside.

Riding under the winter evening moonlight is a magical experience. Leave your everyday worries behind on a mini-trek in the nature! Learn more about riding in coutry paths!

Riding lessons and courses

Safe riding fields, indoor riding arena and outdoor riding ring are situated in the stable area. We give riding lessons both for beginners and for skillfull riders. You can choose to take a lesson in a group, as a pair lessons or as a private lesson.


Sanna teaches fluent in Finnish and English. We also teach horse reading and communication with horses.  With our Finhorses we can guide you to understand the behaviour of horses better. At the sama time you can lear more about you self.

horse activities

You can come and work at our stable with trained horses. We offer wellbeing through horse activities, horse activity and social pedagogic horse activity. For further information about these services, please contact us.

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Horse activity in gallery



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