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Wellcome to enjoy the company of finnhorses

Come and enjoy a horse sleigh ride and riding tips in the countryside and get to know farm's horses! We ride through snowy landscapes.

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Note that only basic programmes are listed above. You can book other programmes by email or phone (our GSM network works poorly, sorry about that). Please note that you are kindly asked to make a reservation for each activity.


Make sure, that you are wearing warm clothers while visiting us. Especially shoes and gloves. We have riding helmets to borrow. We have safety stirrups in the saddles. Our horses lives in paddocs, they don't scare cold weather. Our farm is up in the hill, so the coldest temperatures don't reach us. We have also several routes to ride.


We do riding trips under weather conditions, we don´t ride under storm. We use the helmets, which are approved by the latest standard. We have insurance for occasional riders but we recommend riders to have an personal travel insurance.