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Get to know us, the farm  and the horses

Ronivaara is a 26-hectare farm which offers you a great opportunity to concentrate on horses and to unwind. Our aim is to create an environment for the horses and people alike which allows everyone to develop their skills and succeed on their own level. We emphasise good horsemanship and common sense in our daily activities. We do also horse assistant activities with customers, who has special needs.
Horses are important members of the family to us. However, we don’t pamper them, but want to give them good living conditions which are, whenever possible, typical for horses as a species.

Video of good PRACTICES

Animals and responsible tourism project


the dear freinds of us

Horses are the memebers of our family. We live in the farm and make sure that the horses are happy. They lives in paddocks. 

We have special coloured finnhorses and we are happy to tell you more about them.

Ronivaara surrounding

Functional environment for horses and peoples

We have taken part of projects where horses' living conditions have been evaluated. One of these projects is called "animals and responsible tourism", and we have participated the horse related companies audition process.   

Nice persons 

Friendly hosts and staff

The family run company has work whit horses since 2005. Now there is mother, father and doughter working with you and the horses. We are happy to have sweet granny and dear emplyees working in our family company.    We have well trained staff, who knows our horses, and have been working a long time with them.