Owners of the farm, Sanna, Harri and Nea run routines of the stable with the help of energetic stable girls and boys. 

The company has been founded in 2005 after the family moved to Ronivaara farm. Family also offers accommodation services. For further information please visit

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Sanna Kallunki

In the past Sanna has worked in a school for children with special needs and in a comprehensive school. The previous 10 years before moving to Ronivaara she worked in IT business in positions of marketing manager, product manager and system planner. She has studied marketing, education, social politics and computer science. She speaks fluent English and can guide you in riding lessons also. 

Sanna has been interested in horses from a very young age and bought her first horse as an adult. Since then, she has been very actively involved in everything related to horses. And the goal is set on lifelong learning. Sanna is interested in dressage, jumping and centered riding (CR). Although competing is not her ambition, she wants to regularly educate and train herself on all these fields. 

harri Kallunki and boys

Harri is an entrepreneur by profession. He works in the family business which offers hotel accommodation in the centre of Kuusamo and holiday house accommodation in Petäjäkylä at the vicinity of city centre. 

He participates in events and is naturally the privileged coachman on our sleigh rides. He has gathered experience with horses since the first horse was bought and has learned everything quickly :) 

Our young farmers Onni and Oskari are often found playing in the yard. 
We also have a dog called Lotta and of course cats. Otto lives in the stable and Minttu lives inside the house.

nea Kallunki

Daughter Nea has ridden horses almost all of her life. She also works in the family business. 

Nea is an irreplaceable help in running the stable.  She is involved in the management of the stable on a daily basis. She studies in high school and performs a riding instructor studies simultaniously, as well as works in the farm. 

She is good in hacking and giving riding lessons. She loves show jumping. She also helps Sanna with horse assisted activity work.  You will meet Nea when You visit us. 
She speaks fluent English and guides You to horsebackriding trips and other programmes. Our helpful stable girls are presented below:



mummi "Granny"