Ruska Laukka - Monipuoliset Suomenhevospalvelut Kuusamo, Ruka

Meet the Traditional Finnhorses

lumoudu suomenhevosten luonteesta
ratsastusretket kaikenkokoisille
tutustu hevosten maailmaan
iloiset irtiotot arjesta
ikimuistoiset hevosohjelmat
retket sekä aloittelijoille että kokeneemmille
mukavia muistoja
ajatonta yhdessäoloa ja iloa
ihastu pieneen venniponiin
rauhaa ja rentoutumista
voimaannuttavat maastoreissut
yksilölliset tunnit, kurssit ja valmennukset pienryhmissä

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Surroundings and buildings

Cosy stable

 The stable can accommodate seven horses and a pony in spacious boxes which are in accordance with the EU directives. There is also room for 18 horses in 2 paddock houses across the yard. The cosy stable has a heated tack room and a feed room where you can dry and clean your equipment.  In the stable there is also a cozy kitchen for customers and toilet inside.

Pictures from stable in gallery

Fields and shelters

The horses have free access to hay in the field shelter and on the field. In the summer time, the horses can graze the fields around the clock. The spacious field shelter can accommodate 6-7 horses. Some of our horses spend the night in the field shelter and some in the stable.

The horses can stay outdoors in the large fields for the whole day. In the winter, the horses spend the daytime in a two-hectare winter paddock which has variable grounds and woods. In the summer, the fields cover about ten hectares of the farm.

Pictures from stable in gallery

Riding arena and nearby trails

We have a large indoors riding ring and riding arena outdoors, both are with sand surfaces. The riding places have good lightning, so riding after dark is not a problem. It is safe to ride in large and fenced arenas!

Near the riding ring there is a old blacksmith shop and fireplace for 8 persons. Near the riding arena, there is seating for spectators, campfire site and a red cottage for organising events. We also have a traditional Finnish old-style outdoor loo :-)

The numerous fields, forest roads and paths as well as the nearby trails with their climbing possibilities offer variety to riding in the arena. Some of the trails are kept open for sleigh rides and fast riding during the winter time, while others are preserved for relaxed riding amidst the rugged winter countryside. The nearby country roads also offer a great opportunity for carriage rides!

Riding ring and arena in gallery

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